1381848498Most modern ‘diets’ are misleading and some are even potentially harmful. It is important to develop your own understanding of what constitutes a balanced, healthy diet and apply accordingly. Weight management is easy if you are more aware of what you should eat, at what times of the day and in what quantities.

I have a number of qualifications in applied nutrition, particularly relating to sports and fitness. I have carried out analysis packages on people with differing lifestyles, especially athletes (including amateur to professional).

To carry out a Nutritional Analysis I require the following from you:

  • Personal details – age, weight, height, occupation/level of occupational activity, non-occupational activity level
  • 7-Day Food Diary (I recommend using the Collins GEM Pocket Calorie Counter to get calorie amounts – from most bookshops)
  • 7-Day Training Programme.
  • Details of any supplementation.
  • Other details such as pregnancy, food intolerances, etc.

From this I can carry out an accurate analysis of your diet and provide the following on excel and word documents:

  • Breakdown of micro and macronutrient intake. The results will be compared to Government RDAs (Recommended Daily Amounts) and recommended athlete levels (if required).
  • Breakdown/Balance of Carbohydrate, Fat and Protein intake. Results compared to recommended athlete levels (if required).
  • Calorie intake and expenditure over the week (graph, table), Basal Metabolic Rate and RDAs.
  • Report providing dietary recommendations.
  • Specific Food Diary notes and recommendations for change.

The package will provide the most accurate breakdown of your diet. I will tell you which micro nutrients you are deficient in, what changes need to be made to your balance of macronutrients, and whether or not you are consuming too many or too few(!) calories to meet your personal requirements.

The recommendations I provide should provide the basis for a much more balanced diet that will leave you feeling more energised without piling on the lbs!. And as an athlete you can train and race longer.

Contact me at or use the contact form if you have any questions.


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